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wool saddle pads

Our Half Lined Merino Lambs Wool Saddle Pad range features two key fabrications. A traditional look & natural combination of wool & cotton as well as the revolutionary Air Technology Shock Proof Range. Learn more about the benefits of our wool range...

Our Merino Wool Half Lined Cotton Saddle Pad range features Merino Lambs Wool knitted onto cotton yarn giving you a plush wool base between the saddle & your horses skin. Wool provides a natural shock absorbing layer & is particularly suitable for cold backed horses or those with fine coats prone to rubbing & hair loss.

Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of it’s own weight in moisture allowing you to keep your horse dry & comfortable. Natural fibres of wool combined with our quilted cotton means our pad exterior is naturally hypoallergenic & less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies to horses with sensitivity to manmade fibres.

Style & colour options

Our Air Technology Merino Lambs Wool Half Lined Pad range features breathable advanced synthetic shock proof materials alongside Merino Lambs Wool, a natural shock absorbing & thermoregulating material. The perforated synthetic shock proof layer allows airflow between the saddle & your horses skin which assists in drying, cooling & keeping your horse comfortable under the saddle. Together the fabrics provide a technically advanced system of protection & injury prevention.

This pad helps to diffuse shock & provides protection from movements and impacts created by the rider within the saddle. This pad is particularly suitable for horses that require more protection & comfort. It can also benefit cold backed horses or those with fine coats prone to rubbing or hair loss.

Style & colour options


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